Okinawa is calling

Before we answer Okinawa’s call we have to step into the dojo and prepare. Prepare our minds, our bodies and our spirit.

Training in the dojo is our first step towards enlightenment. It is a karate student’s safe place to share our strengths and weaknesses.

We prepare our minds by clearing our minds from outside distractions and focus on our training, learning the understanding and application behind the movements in our katas.

We prepare our bodies with extra training sessions outside of normal class time including some beach training preparing us for the extreme heat in Okinawa.

We prepare our spirit by believing in ourselves and encouraging each other and by falling 7 times but getting up 8.

However, we cannot prepare without the help of our karate family. Our karate family (fellow students) help us prepare by pushing us in our conditioning, by helping us perfect our katas and keep us motivated. In karate, we help ourselves by helping others work harder and get stronger.

So… we start getting ready for our trip….I would like to welcome you to our dojo!

Kenwyn Martial Arts Centre (KMAC), situated in Civic Road, Kenwyn, Cape Town is not just a place to train in the art of Karate and Kobudo but a home to share, encourage and uplift each other. At KMAC, we don’t just study the art of Karate but help raise good people in the community.

When you arrive at our dojo door, you are greeted with a smile by Kamal Hamdulay Sensei. Sensei is currently a 5th Dan in Goju Ryu Karate and a 1st Dan in Ryukyu Kobudo and like his students, he constantly trains and studies toward higher ranks and level of understanding in the Okinawan martial arts.

Our Sensei is passionate about Karate and takes pride in his students. We are his children and like a Father, he nurtures every one of us. Motivating us to keep trying, never give up and persevere but most of all allow us to enjoy what we are doing.

For many of us, his students, Kamal Sensei is a role model. His dedication, discipline and passion show us that we too have what it takes to mirror these qualities. Sensei teaches us the art of Karate while showing us how karate teaches us life skills we can apply in our daily lives.

You might see us sweat but among the drops of sweat, you will see all ages smiling, enjoying Karate.

We look forward to meeting you before we leave!

“Arrive as a stranger, leave as family”

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