Karate For Adults

Some of the benefits you can expect from our KMAC dojo lessons and martial arts training are:

  • FAST WEIGHT LOSS: Karate lessons will teach you some techniques that give you a GREAT workout, too. You will feel your muscles being used in new ways, in every class – and you will see your excess weight drop off – FAST! Karate is a full-body workout that will burn calories quickly! Regardless of your diet, you will see a weight reduction – and you will feel fantastic!
  • Karate will also relieve your tension and stress. The best stress relief is exercise. If that exercise happens to include punching and kicking, then you are looking at the most powerful form of stress relief there is! Once the stress is gone, positive feelings start to replace it.
  • The relaxing and stretching exercises, and constant fluid movements you will be taught during your karate lessons will relieve back and neck pain.
  • Karate will actually strengthen your spirit and self confidence as you successfully tackle one challenge after another.
  • Having some FUN! Karate isn’t an exercise regime like running around the suburbs or sitting on an exercycle in front of the tv. You get out of the house and meet some new people, and learn something new and exciting! You get to experience the joy of accomplishing challenges that used to intimidate you.
  • Karate will increase your physical, mental and spiritual strength
  • You will quickly become part of our martial arts family. Our  dojo places a big emphasis on creating an environment in our karate school that lets you know you’re among people who really care about you and your success.
  • Karate lessons mean that you will be able to defend yourself, and your family, whenever it is necessary. Regardless of where you are, or who confronts you, you will feel safe, secure and confident in your ability to defend yourself, and your loved ones. Usually, when attackers see how calm and cool you are –they’ll think twice. I’ve seen it happen countless times.
  • Karate lessons teach you how to develop an inner peace – seriously! You will discover how to maintain a calmness and rationality. Those people or situations that used to irritate you and make you angry and impatient will now be met with the patience required to deal with people without using anger or malice.

Karate lessons in our  Dojo will teach you that real martial arts is about the way we treat one another, and ourselves. The beautiful, fluid movements of karate are simply the tool we use to show you the way.

What Is Martial Arts?

Yes, martial arts is the act of punching, kicking and defending yourself. However, that is NOT all that it is. Martial Arts Training teaches you that the disciplined movements, and techniques, are the way you connect to help you control your mind, your body, and your emotions.
My ultimate martial arts training goal is to help you become more peaceful and balanced in your life. I have found that when people feel great and excited every day, they share their discovery with others.

Are Martial Arts Violent?

In our  dojo, we show you how to stretch properly, and guide you through the perfect way to complete each karate technique to ensure you are not injured. The karate lessons take place at a pace that suits you. We do not force your body to do anything it isn’t capable of. Some students will pick up on karate quickly, and others need to slow down, and our karate school instructors will ensure the pace suits your specific needs. We are here to support you and ensure success. Your body will be pushed, but not so hard as to cause injuries. It is just a great, calorie burning workout. Karate and Martial Arts Training does not teach violence, it teaches self defense. If a fight cannot be avoided, our students will be able to look after themselves.

Our karate lessons cater to adults of all ages and fitness levels, beginners or experienced. Don’t put this off any longer, you can start improving your life today!

Martial Arts has been around for over 2000 years – because it works!

I look forward to meeting you soon!