This is a list of answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” asked of Kenwyn Martial Arts Centre. Our FAQ list is intended as a quick resource and may not completely address the issue in totality. If you can not find an answer to your question below or need more clarification, please contact us.

Q: What “style” or ryuha of martial art is taught at the Dojo, and what does that mean?

A: The curriculum taught at the Dojo is Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate and Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan which is an Okinawan weapons system .

Q: What days can I come to the dojo?

A: We offer a flexible schedule, meaning you always have options for what days you attend class! Because we offer each class almost every day, you are free to choose what days you attend class. If a Thursday split works best for you one week and a Sat split works best the next, that’s totally fine.

Q: Can students come only two times per week?

A: In our Beginner Program, we think that two classes per week gives kids the perfect balance between receiving enough instruction to make sure they retain the material and not feeling burnt out or overwhelmed by the number of classes they’re taking. This is why we’ve chosen to limit the Beginner Program to a twice-a-week limit. In our advanced programs, kids have made commitments to earning black belts, and that often takes more than two classes per week. When just starting out with karate, however, two times a week is perfect!

Q: What if we can’t make two classes one week? Can we make those classes up?

Sure! We want you to get all the time you’re paying for. If you know you’re going to be out a week, let us know and come in a little extra the week before or the week after. If it’s unexpected that you’re out, like with an illness, just make it up with some extra classes when you come back!

Q: How do students move from one belt to another?

Our curriculum is taught based on quarterly school term and is signed by an instructor and he or she is ready for grading! Grading happens at the end of each school term if students qualify?

Q: What is a grading?

Grading/shinsa are special events held at the end of each cycle where we celebrate each student’s achievements and promote graduating students to their new belts. These events are a lot of fun for our students and give them an opportunity to showcase all they’ve learned.

Q: Are there discounts for additional family members?

Yes! The first member in any family pays the full tuition rate. The second and third family members are discounted on a sliding scale.

Q: When can I wear a t-shirt instead of my full uniform top?

All students always wear a full uniform(Gi) to testing events and grading!

Q: What happens if I don’t have my belt?

If a student is missing their belt or any other piece of their uniform (including full uniform top during formal weeks), that student will not be able to attend class.

Q: How often does my child need to practice at home?

The students who consistently practice at home typically progress more quickly and grasp concepts in karate more quickly. Spending five or ten minutes a few times a week outside The Dojo can really go a long way in helping kids retain the things they’re working on in class. Don’t bog your kids down with practice, though. We want them to enjoy being here at the dojo, and too much practice can lead to burnout just like attending too many classes.

Q: What happens if my child is late for class?

We understand that sometimes life happens and prevents students from making it to class on time. Unexpected traffic, delays at home, and any of the thousand other things going on can make it difficult to plan accordingly. However, tardiness is an issue that is extremely disruptive to the flow of any given class. If an instructor has to pause a class that’s already in motion to bring in a new student, it is a distraction and an impediment to the instructor and students already in class. For this reason, students who are late to class are treated like students who are not in the appropriate attire – they will be allowed to participate, but they will not receive class credit or be tested for stripes. This is not significantly detrimental to the student who is late once in a while, but will hinder the progress of students who consistently arrive once a class has already begun. Please make every effort to be on time.

Q: What benefits will my child receive from taking karate at KMAC?

We want parents to know that our primary focus is assisting your efforts as parents to develop your children into people capable of handling themselves in school as kids and in society as a whole as they grow into adults. The time your family spends at The Dojo will not just be to learn kicks and punches, but to develop in your kids a sense of confidence, responsibility, self-control, self-discipline, and perseverance. We believe that in starting karate, each child has a potential for tremendous growth, and we are excited and honored that you’ve chosen The Dojo to help guide your child’s growth.


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