Chief Instructor Profile

Karate Grades/Rank

1. Graded by sensei Thomas Wright(Goju Kan karate) to 1st degree black belt (shodan) 1989
2. Graded by sensei Johan Roux(Karate Zen) to 2nd degree black belt (nidan) 1993
3. Graded by sensei Johan Roux(Karate Zen) to 3rd degree black belt (sandan) 1997
4. Graded by sensei Imtiaz Abdulla (IKKO)to 4th degree black belt (yondan) 2007
5.Graded by sensei Imtiaz Abdulla(IKKO)to 5th degree black belt(godan) 2013

Kobudo Grade/Rank

  1. Shodan(1st degree) Black belt -Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan – Graded by Hiroshi Akamine sensei of Okinawa,Japan(Chief Instructor) in 2016
  2. Nidan(2nd degree) black belt- Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan- graded Hiroshi Akamine sensei of Okinawa,Japan in April 2018.

    Sports Involvement and leadership positions

  • Karate Association Western Province (KAWP) Vice Chairman 2005-2012
    International Kenshi Kai Karate Kobudo organisation (IKKO)Okinawa, Japan Regional Head, Western Cape 1984
  • Represented WP cricket WPCB Opening batsman, opening bowler(all-rounder) 1985
    UCT- University of Cape Town 1993-1996
    UCT all styles karate coach
  • Currently training the kobudo(weapons)Ryukyu Kobudo  Shimbukan 2015-2019
  • Represented SA at the World Goju Ryu karate championships in Portugal 2010.(5th position kata) October 2010
  • Trained the metro police, Law Enforcement and Traffic department in self-defense 6 week course for FIFA World cup 2010 readiness April 2010
  • Hosted(Cape Town) International chief Instructor Yoshio Kuba(10th Dan) Kenbu kan Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Organization(Okinawa,Japan)Oct 2012
  • Currently National secretary of Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan South Africa

Tournaments and Seminars

  • Goju Kan Karate -Participated in Jack Mathews tournament(Mowbray) in (kumite) division 1989
  • Karate Zen Nationals(Kata&Kumite) 1991-1996
  • Goodwill Martial Arts Festival tournament 2006
  • Africa Goju Ryu Karate Federation tournament 2008
  • Attended seminar conducted by Master Kikugawa Masanari 9th Dan Okinawa, Japan April 2008
  • Attended seminar conducted by Master Teruo Chinen 9th Dan Okinawa, Japan 2006
  • Attended seminar conducted by Roberto Santana (Brazilian jiu jitsu)grappling 2006
  • Attended dojo training  conducted by Tetsuhiro Hokama 10th Dan Goju Ryu karate, PHD in karate studies, PHD in Physical Education, Historian, Researcher and author of many books in Okinawa Japan.(3 weeks training) Aug 2009
  • Attended dojo training conducted by Yoshio Kuba 9th Dan of Kenbu-Kan Goju Ryu karate, in Okinawa Japan.(3 weeks training) Aug 2009
  • Attended World karate kobudo championships in Okinawa, Japan Aug 2009
  • Competed in kata division AGKF Tournament(bronze in kata)Oct 2010
  • Competed in kata division AGKF Tournament(silver in kata)Oct 2011
  • Attended the World Goju Ryu karate centenary in Okinawa,Japan 2015
  • Attended the 1st Okinawan Karate international Tournament Okinawa,Japan 2018.